Interview with Fashion Researcher for ITV This Morning 

Lila Flint Roberts

“ Always take into consideration their personal taste as a priority”

Fashion is a way to express ourselves and you post such wonderful outfits. How would you describe your style?

I'd describe my style as joyful, simple and chic!


Some people might not know that you have a background in studying Criminology. How did your journey lead you into a fashion role at This Morning? 

I've always wanted to work in Fashion, but went to study Criminology so that I had something to "fall back on" should my dream career not work out. After graduating, I started to intern and it all just took off from there. I worked at ELLE UK and The Sunday Times STYLE before securing my role at This Morning.


What’s your creative process when styling for your colleagues?

Everyone is different in how they like to be dressed, so you always take into consideration their personal taste as a priority. You also need to consider what they're doing in that outfit - if it's something practical they won't want a long/fancy sleeve for example. It's also important to me to select from sustainable/slow fashion brands, however it's ultimately about how happy the individual is in their clothes. 


What does your job entail on a regular day to day basis?

My role has changed during the pandemic: I've gone from going into the office every day and being in touch with numerous models in a week to working from home and working with women over Skype. In a day I could be: booking models, searching for outfits for said models and organising them being sent to their homes, writing articles for the This Morning App and selecting outfits for Sarah Jossell.


There are a lot of roles in the fashion industry like never before. What departments at fashion brands do you tend to speak to for your job at This Morning?

I speak to the press teams: from press assistant to account managers. It's really important to have good relationships with press teams.


Do you tend to speak to different people depending on the size of the fashion company?

Yes - smaller brands have smaller teams and therefore you are likely to speak to someone higher up.


What are some of your favourite fashion brands that are U.K based?

I love Kitri, Rejina Pyo, Shrimps and Anissa Kermiche.


We’re coming into spring very soon; what would your go to outfit be for a typical day in London?

In the Spring, I have a very easy outfit equation: "dad" sandals, a long and flowy dress and tote bag. I may mix it up a bit, and go for a shorter dress with cowboy boots. But my outfits always invovle a dress!


You are known to also rent some of your outfits. What’s your definition of slow fashion and what does it mean to you?

Slow Fashion, to me, is prioritising quality over quantity. Being extremely selective with what you buy, and when you do buy, you may opt for second hand, vintage or from a sustainable brand. It's the antithesis to Fast Fashion: clothes shouldn't be seen as disposable.  


What have you learnt and valued the most since working in fashion with ITV?

I've learnt so much, but my favourite teaching that I value the most is: Fashion has the ability to really lift your mood, and you should wear whatever makes you smile and whatever brings you joy.


Are there any small upcoming brands you think we should keep an eye on?

Omnes are a small sustainable brand who I love, they do the most gorgeous printed garments. Palones are another one to watch! To be honest, there are so many new brands emerging from lockdown projects and it's so great to see, so always keep an eye on Instagram and Etsy!


And finally! Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

In 5 years time, I'd love to have a roster of celebrity clients who I dress in slow fashion. I'd also like to be Fashion Producer at This Morning by then!

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Lila Flint Roberts is a Fashion Researcher for ITV This Morning. To see styling inspiration, slow fashion tips and more you can follow Lila on Instagram @lilaflintroberts