Interview with Film Photographer

Ryley McGregor

“ Chase that sunshine”

How does living in Australia influence your creative work?


Ahh the Australia summer for sure, road trips, empty beaches.


Where do you call home?


Home for now is Sydney, but that will change when winter hits.. I gotta chase that sunshine. 


What are your top most picturesque places to photograph so far?


The whitsunday islands for sure (far North Queensland) I was lucky enough to spend 3 months up there just living in my van and sailing around the islands. I’ll try get back there this winter. 


Where would you travel to next if you could choose anywhere outside of Australia and why?

Huge question, probably South America.. Why.. I’ve been to Colombia before but that was prior to picking up a camera (2017)  It’s tropical, the food, the people, the music, everybody love to salsa dance. But also Cape Town, Africa would be a vibe! 

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What has been your biggest learning curve since first picking up a camera?


I guess just finding my groove, what works for me, learning to read the light.. and to take your time, but have fun with it. 

Who would be your dream clients to work with in the foreseeable future?  


Huge question, I don’t know.. but did you see that dope Gucci/ north face campaign? Working on that would have been a dream. 


Since the pandemic, do you feel your work has changed in any shape or form? Or have you thought differently in a creative sense at all?  


Shooting models was slow for a while as the whole social distancing thing, but I still found beauty, photo walks I quite enjoy. 


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How would you describe your photography and what type of photographer you are? 


Film - Natural light & shadows, capturing summer with a vintage touch. 

What are your favourite beaches to shoot and visit in Australia? 

Ahh Bondi is always fun for a landscape shoot on a busy summers day/icebergs. Milk beach is a go to for me it gets the best afternoon light/sunset.. But Queensland is the more photogenic state in my eyes, the further up you go the more tropical it gets.

What gives you inspiration in what you shoot? Do you like to plan your shoots in advance or enjoy the unplanned nature style of photography?

A little bit of both I guess, like I’m all for mood boards and having an outline of what you’re trying to capture.. you gotta have fun with it, just go with the flow.

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Do you have a certain creative process on set in how you like to capture a subject?


Not really, but I will always make a mood board for the shoot, always a different mood board for each shoot. 

If you could play a soundtrack alongside your work what would it be and why? 


Ahh tough one, I’m a huge hip hop fan! But first that comes to mind is Dream machine - downtown tempo mix Mark farina Sean Hayes. 

And finally, how do you want to be remembered by as a photographer?


It's just nice to inspire people. 



Ryley Mcgregor is an Australian based Photographer. To see more of his work, you can follow him on Instagram @ryleysmiles_